House or Apartment Lock & Key Changes

When you’re moving into a new home or apartment it’s a smart move to change your locks. When you move into a new place and don’t change the locks you never know who could have a key to get into your home.

Our team can change and update your locks so that you have the latest security to keep you/your family safe. It’s also recommended to change your locks every 5-7 years if you have been in your place for some time. Therefore if you’re in need of updated locks for your property we would love to help.

Don’t Have A Security Risk!

house door and lock changes for home or appartment

Get Your Locks Changed In Your Home or Apartment.

change the door locks on your house or apartment

Changing the locks on your home or apartment can be more of an annoyance to you than wanted.

Our team can get the locks change at your property in as little time as possible so that your place is secure.

Locksmiths are the easiest way.

1) A Locksmith Is The Fastest And Easiest Way.

Calling a locksmith is the fastest, and easiest way for you to change the locks in your home or apartment. Locksmiths have all of the tools, and know how in order to change the locks on your property. They are also familiar with the newest lock technology so that your locks are always up to date. Contact Your Staten Island Locksmith.

2) Change Your Locks At Home.

You can absolutely change the locks at your home by yourself. Just go to the local hardware store and get new lock kits for your home or apartment. Once you buy a lock kit, just take the locks and handles off of each door you want to change and replace it with the new locks that you bought. Depending on if you have electronic locks or new technology could depend on what you need in order to install your locks so follow the directions from each manufacturer to install