Business Lockouts & Opening

When you’re locked out of your business it can seem like the worst day ever. Instead of trying to break your business door down, or crawl through an unsafe window, it’s best to contact a locksmith.

Our team can get your back into your business without damaging your property, or getting physically hurt. Therefore if you’re having trouble with business lockouts and need help opening your business then we would love to help.

Don’t Break Into Your Business!

picture of a business front door broken into to unlock the door business lockouts and opening

Get Back Into Your Business When You’re Locked Out.

open business door after being locked out

Getting back into your house after being locked out can be a pain in the neck unless you have a spare key that’s easy to access.

But when you don’t have a spare key under the fake rock than how can you get back into your locked house?

Locksmiths are the easiest way.

1) A Locksmith Is The Fastest And Easiest Way.

Calling a locksmith is among the fastest, and easiest ways for you to get back into your locked business. Our Locksmiths have all of the tools, and know how in order to get you back into your business without breaking the door down. Get back into your business quick and Contact Your Staten Island Locksmith.

2) Call Your Landlord.

Sometimes your business space is being rented from someone that owns the property. In this case you can call your landlord in order to get back into your business. Most of the time your property owner, or management company can get you back into your business so that you don’t have to smash the door down.

3) Contact Another Key Holder.

Many businesses have different key holders in order to get into the business. If your business has multiple people with keys it may be as easy as waiting on them to get to your business. If the key for your other key holder doesn’t work than you may have a complete lock malfunction and should contact a locksmith.

4) Don’t Try And Force The Door Open.

Some businesses have locks and security systems that make them more secure. Trying to force open doors or locks can sometimes make your problem worse therefore costing you more money. Your electronic key cards could be malfunctioning, or there could be some other mishap that is making your business stay locked. Trying to force the door open is not advised.